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The Winds of Celtia
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A smooth and romantic Celtic tune with harp, flute, guitars, strings, percussion and bass. Video (This track is registered with AdRev)
Genre: Celtic Rock
Item No.: T-16
Mood: celtic
Free License: Attribution and link to this website required, MP3-file PRO License: no attribution + link required, uncompressed WAV-File, 45 EUR per license, payment via Paypal
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Happy Celtic Dance
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A happy and bouncy song with a Celtic touch. It's perfect for Irish, Celtic or medieval projects, or anything else with a cheerful mood. video
Genre: World
Item No.: T-328
Mood: cheerful
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A happy and cheerful European Folk tune which is typical for the alpine region and German folk/public festivals. It features an Accordion, Guitars and a Tuba.
Genre: World / Bavarian
Item No.: T-240
Mood: alpine
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A very beautiful, blithe and relaxed alpine German/Austrian Folk waltz. It's great for folksy Germany and Austria related projects.
Genre: World / Bavarian
Item No.: T-248
Mood: positive
Oktoberfest Fun (Bavarian Folk)
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A driving Bavarian fun tune with a powerful beat and a Country and Western middle part. I used Accordions, electric and acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, electronic Drums, Bass and a Fiddle.
Genre: World
Item No.: T-227
Mood: bouncy
Ana Chara
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A melodic Pop-Rock song with an Arabian touch featuring vocals and an electric lead guitar. The lyrics are a fantasy language.
Genre: World
Item No.: T-317
Mood: arabian
music: world music: world
African Tribal Percussion
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A pure track only with african percussion. The tempo starts at 140 bpm and increases up to 160 bpm from about 0:55 till the end.
Genre: World
Item No.: T-181
Mood: driving
Melodic Accordion Waltz
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A very beautiful and typical German/Austrian Folk waltz played on two Accordions, bass and drums. It's great for folksy Germany and Austria related projects.
Genre: German
Item No.: T-210
Mood: happy