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African Adventures (Driving Powerful African Percussion)
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Powerful and very driving World Music featuring African percussion and trombones supporting the percussion by remaining in the background.
Genre: World music
Item No.: T-194
Mood: driving
Happy Volksmusik (Oktoberfest Bavarian Folk)
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A happy and cheerful German Folk music tune featuring horns, accordions, bass, drums and Dulcimer.
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This track has a middle eastern touch. I used instruments from the Middle-East plus a female voice (no lyrics) and some orchestral strings.
Brazilian Passion (Driving Latin Percussion and Horns)
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Very positive, driving and powerful Latin music featuring Percussion, Horns and Bass. Video (This track is registered with AdRev!)
Africa (African Tribal Folk)
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Wonderful and melodic African tribal music. I used just native African melodic instruments and of course percussion for this World Music Folk track.
Genre: German Folk
Item No.: T-260
Mood: happy
Genre: Soundtrack
Item No.: T-178
Mood: oriental
Genre: Latin
Item No.: T-219
Mood: driving
Genre: Folk
Item No.: T-189
Mood: inspirational
Samba Percussion (Brazilian Pure Latin Percussion)
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A very driving and energetic track featuring a lot of latin percussion.
Genre: Latin Percussion
Item No.: T-169
Mood: energetic
Free License: Attribution and link to this website required, MP3-file PRO License: no attribution + link required, uncompressed WAV-File, 45 EUR per license, payment via Paypal
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Dirndl Dub (Oktoberfest Bavarian Dance Folk Music)
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Funny Oktoberfest dance music directly from Germany! Typical brass plus a strong electronic beat.
Genre: Oktoberfest
Item No.: T-66
Mood: happy
Arab Drone
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An Arabian background music, featuring a Persian Nai, a Drone and a bit Percussion.
Genre: World
Item No.: T-264
Mood: oriental
music: world music: world 2
Brazilian Percussion (Carnival Pure Latin Percussion)
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A very driving and energetic track featuring a lot of latin percussion. Harmonic or melodic instruments are not included. Video (This track is registered with AdRev)
Genre: World
Item No.: T-262
Mood: inspirational
Bayrische Gaudi
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A very driving, motivational, groovy and happy German/Austrian Folk music tune full of high spirits and happiness featuring accordion, drums, tuba
Genre: Oktoberfest
Item No.: T-198
Mood: happy