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Sensual Summer Breeze (sultry latin lounge)
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A laid-back Latin track with female voice, a melodic lead guitar, a muted trumpet and Latin elements. It's great for projects where a relaxed, sensual or erotic background music is required.
Genre: Lounge
Item No.: T-127
Mood: sultry
Lost Culture (Epic Melodic Fantasy Rock)
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A melodic and emotional "epic Rock" track featuring vocals, guitar, orchestra, piano, drums and bass. Video
Genre: Epic Rock
Item No.: T-312
Mood: melodic
Moonlight Walk
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A mellow tune with vocals, guitars and a smooth Hip-Hop groove.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Item No.: T-307
Mood: inspiring
Talk With Me
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An emotional conversation between an electric guitar and female vocals.
Genre: Other
Item No.: T-278
Mood: emotional
Heroic Emotional Fantasy Trailer (epic orchestral voice)
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A very beautiful and driving cinematic track with a female voice (no lyrics, just a fantasy language) and moods like heroism, emotions, glory…  Video
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-171
Mood: emotional
Their Last Stand (Heroic Epic Cinematic)
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An epic, heroic track featuring strings, brass, choir, vocals (fantasy lyrics, no real language) and orchestral percussion. (This track is registered with AdRev!)
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-176
Mood: heroic
Ana Chara
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A melodic Pop-Rock song with an Arabian touch featuring vocals and an electric lead guitar. The lyrics are a fantasy language.
Genre: World
Item No.: T-317
Mood: arabian
music: vocals music: vocals
Trip to Rome
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A melodic, emotional and powerful Chill-Pop-Rock song featuring vocals, electric lead guitars and orchestra. The lyrics are a fantasy language. Video
Genre: Pop-Rock
Item No.: T-316
Mood: romantic
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