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Cinematic Inspiring
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Optimistic, inspirational and uplifting music with a cinematic and positive feel. This track features a full orchestra with piano, strings, brass and orchestral drums and percussion.
Genre: Corporate
Item No.: T-204
Mood: inspirational
Happy and Fun
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A very happy and groovy tune with a nice upbeat featuring Synthesizers, electric and acoustic Ukulele, acoustic Guitars, Strings, Drums and Bass.
Genre: Children
Item No.: T-221
Mood: happy
Optimistic Upbeat Corporate
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This is an inspirational, positive and motivational track with a nice upbeat. It starts with a catchy, repetitive theme and builds up to a more energetic, rocking end.
Genre: Pop
Item No.: T-267
Mood: upbeat
Melodic Acoustic Pop Background
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A bouncy and very happy tune with a nice upbeat featuring a piano, ukulele, acoustic guitars, strings, bass and drums.
Genre: Family
Item No.: T-243
Mood: upbeat
Happy Inspirations (uplifting background music)
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Fresh and inspiring corporate background music featuring beautiful acoustic and electric guitars, synths, bells, bass, drums and piano.
Genre: Corporate
Item No.: T-269
Mood: upbeat
Inspirational Emotional Happiness
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A groovy background music with acoustic guitars and a beautiful upbeat. Video
Genre: Corporate
Item No.: T-258
Mood: positive
Upbeat Acoustic Uplifting Inspiring
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A happy acoustic background pop track that is uplifting, bouncy and inspiring. I used acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, drums and synthesizer-strings.
Genre: Advertising
Item No.: T-293
Mood: bouncy
Pure Happiness (Happy Acoustic Indie Folk Rock)
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Pure Happiness is a very happy, bouncy and driving tune featuring acoustic and electric guitars, horns, bass and drums.
Genre: Corporate
Item No.: T-197
Mood: bouncy
music: uplifting music: uplifting 2 3
Summertime (light and uplifting instrumental background)
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Uplifting, carefree and light background music featuring guitars, drums and strings.
Genre: Corporate
Item No.: T-332
Mood: blithe
Happy Indie Pop-Rock Instrumental
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A very energetic, positive Rock tune. I used just guitars, bass and drums. It's great for advertising and presentations in a driving, inspirational and cheerful mood.
Genre: Corporate
Item No.: T-140
Mood: bouncy