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Stars at War (motivational trailer)
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An epic orchestral trailer music in John Williams' Star Wars style. It's very powerful and energetic with moods like heroism, discovery, glory, inspiration, motivation and achievement!
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-225
Mood: motivational
Bombastic Heroic Build-Up
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A very heroic, dramatic symphonic music with percussion, strings, brass, and choir.
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-310
Mood: dramatic
Epic Cinematic Progression
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A driving orchestral track starting with strings and powerful drums and leading to a full symphonic end with additional drums.
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-311
Mood: powerful
Free License: Attribution and link to this website required, MP3-file PRO License: no attribution + link required, uncompressed WAV-File, 45 EUR per license, payment via Paypal
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Powerful Drums and Rock Guitar
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A very powerful and energetic drum track with an additional guitar riff in the 2nd half of the track. Video
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-322
Mood: powerful
Epic Cinematic Dubstep
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A powerful modern epic track based on a Dubstep beat. It's great for movie trailers, video games and advertising. (This track is registered with AdRev)
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-233
Mood: energetic
Cinematic Epic Rock Action Trailer
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A very powerful and energetic trailer background music with moods like motivational, dramatic, action. It features percussion, brass, strings, Rock guitars and synthesizers.
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-230
Mood: powerful
Dramatic Dark Cinematic Trailer
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An epic 1 minute trailer music, melodic and powerful. Video
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-224
Mood: cinematic
music: epic music: epic
Strong and Powerful (Cinematic Classical Orchestral)
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This composition is at the edge of classical orchestral music and modern epic soundtracks. It's very strong and powerful.
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-188
Mood: classical
Dramatic Epic Cinematic Tension Trailer
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A very powerful dramatic track full of suspense. It's great for movie trailers, video games and advertising.
Genre: Orchestral
Item No.: T-232
Mood: powerful
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Epic Dramatic Glory Trailer
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A big, driving, powerful, dramatic epic trailer with moods like heroism, inspiration, motivation, achievement and success. It's motivational, energetic and inspirational.
Genre: Epic
Item No.: T-167
Mood: heroic